Board meeting minutes start with the organizational meeting of April 26, 1955.  On August 3, 1955 the Board set a limit of 300 Class A shares at $100, and 600 Class B shares at $50.  Any person living within 5 miles of Glencoe must be a member.  The first membership dues were assessed for the 1958 year at $30.

The original clubhouse construction was started in July, 1959 and completed by October. 90% of the work done by the members.  GCC had 199 members by October 1959.  The price of stock was increased to $200 at this meeting.  1960 approval was given to allow a high school golf program.

A new groundskeeper was hired in the spring of 1962 for $1.25 per hour.  Dues for 1962 for a family were $44.

Jay Falkenhagen was hired as the first Club Manager on January 16, 1964 at a salary of $3,600.

An addition of 24’ x 40’ to the clubhouse was started in March 1965 and dedicated on July 31st.  Much of the labor was done by the members.

April 10th , 1969, motorized golf carts were restricted to those members who had a Doctor’s certificate.  There were 219 playing members in 1969.

March of 1973, Board approved agreement with the Cemetery Association for use of the land north of the cemetery

A fairway watering system was installed in the summer and fall of 1976.  Board borrowed $25,000 to finance project.

January 1, 1980, Jay Falkenhagen retired as Club Manager.  April 1, 1980, Dick Traver was hired as new Club Manager.

February 15, 1984, Bryan Keopp was hired as Course Manager.  Clubhouse was remodled by changing bar room and adding a porch and a deck.

December 15, 1984, Board approved the hiring of Greg Odegaard as Clubhouse Manager. 

October17, 1985, Board approved hiring of Mark Garbers as Clubhouse manager.  Mark resigned in 1989 and Bryan Koepp was hired as both Clubhouse Manager and Course Manager.

February 14,  Benny Menton was approved by the Board for the position of Pro/Clubhouse Manager.

The Board proceeded with the vote to reconfigure the 9 expansion holes in 1996.  The current 18 hole configuration was completed and opened for play in 1998.

Colin Kerslake was hired by the Board as PGA Golf Professional in April 1998. 

Bryan Koepp resigned as Superintendent 1999.  Jeff Vinkemeier was hired April 2000.  Colin Kerslake given position as General Manager and PGA Professional to present.

Josh Odden hired as Superintendent March 2014 to August 2016.  Travis Patterson hired as Superitendent March 2017- July 2018.

Brandon Bergene hired as Superintendent November 2018- Present.