Welcome to Glencoe Country Club



August Specials: Mon & Wed, $20 + tax= 18 holes & 1/2 cart. Tuesday (before 1:30pm), Thursday, Friday, $25 + tax= 18 holes & 1/2 cart. Saturday, Sunday, $30 18 holes & 1/2 cart. Anytime, 9 holes & 1/2 cart= $19.50 + tax.

Best 1-2-3 Net Ball Tuesday July 4, 5:30 s/g. $15 GCC members, $25 non-members, must have one GCC member in group.  Sign up in clubhouse.

Glencoe Country Clubs is marking it’s 60th year in business. GCC started in 1955 as a nine hole golf course deigned by Les Bolstad and constructed voluntarily by the members. Many changes over the years with the construction of another nine holes and opened as it is today in 1998.

Donations Barometer up in the clubhouse, GCC is looking for donations for a new roof and to improve parking lot surface. $11,000.00 donated to date.